Flight Laboratory

Flight Lab

Located within the University of Bristol’s Clifton Campus, the Flight Laboratory and associated offices are our main location. Here we design, build & bench test a variety of flight vehicles. The lab is equipped for UAV development and assembly, including facilities for electronics development and integration. This is complemented by the extensive mechanical and electrical central workshop facilities in the same building.

Fenswood Robotics Facility


The University of Bristol owns and operates Fenswood Farm, a 62-hectare research location which has been used for aerial robotics/drone flight testing for the past five years. This is within fifteen minutes’ drive of the main campus and a new field robotics lab is currently under construction on the site.

Flight Arena


The Bristol Robotics Laboratory has one of the largest flight arenas in the UK, fully equipped with Vicon cameras to support the development and flight testing of control systems for agile vehicles and precision aerial manipulation.

Wind Tunnel Facility


The University of Bristol has a number of wind tunnels, including the large tunnel shown here. These tunnels have a number of unique facilities including active gust vanes for applying significant longitudinal gusts to small UAV models. The UoB tunnels include: a large tunnel with a 2.1 m x 1.5 m octagonal section and a 60 m/s maximum speed and a 5.5 m x 2.6 m return section (max speed 12 m/s); a low turbulence tunnel with a maximum speed of 100 m/s and a 0.8 m x 0.6 m octagonal working section; an open-jet tunnel with 1.1 m diameter open circular working section and a maximum speed of 40 m/s.